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"Give a family a fish, and they'll eat a meal; give them a Net, and they'll have fish for Life."

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"You've got to be between poor and rich. If you're too poor, you can't live happy and if you're too rich you can't live happy. Either way, you're worried about money," said a 91-year-old sacred heart song leader. (Trinity Church Chimes)

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Behaveth Not Itself Unseemly
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Steps Toward a Sustainable Future
with Tino Rozzo, American Labor Party
(The Final Episode of Life-Net Radio, 1998-2010)

Life-Net Radio #542  (October 14, 2010)
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(Audio Added 10/14/2010)
Save the Sears Building! Boycott Campbell's!
Life-Net Radio #541  (August 21, 2010)
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(Audio Added 8/21/2010)
25 Years of Activism and Service
Camden Churches Organized for People Celebrates

Life-Net Radio #540  (July 14, 2010)
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(Audio Added 7/14/2010)
'Our Children Are Not Animals!'
Parents March Against Dudley Elementary

Life-Net Radio #539  (February 15, 2010)
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(Audio Added 2/15/2010)
Malaria: The Horrors and the Hope
with World Vision Policy Advisor Craig Jaggers

Life-Net Radio #538  (January 22, 2010)
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Relevant Links:  Malaria  Jaggers  Quake
(Audio Added 1/22/2010)
Food Not Bombs Opens in Camden
Tasty Whole Foods Served Free on the Street

Life-Net Radio #537  (December 20, 2009)
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(MP3 Link Modified 1/22/10)
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Life-Net News
**  Latest Life-Net News Edition, Dated January 27  **

  • Reading Program Shows Big Gains in Camden Debut
  • Cash-Strapped Charities On Edge
  • Food Stamp Participation Reaches Record Levels
  • Food 'Sovereignty' the Goal in Barbados
  • Philadelphia Marks Homeless Memorial Day
  • Millions Pledged to Train Older Workers
  • State Reps' 2nd Clothing Drive for Seniors, Homeless
  • Yoga Classes Help War-Traumatized Recover
  • One Medicaid Quit-Smoking Program Wows Researchers
  • LNN Small Hauls
  • Satellite Mapping Helps Tribe Fight Encroachments
  • South Jersey Youth Group Unusually Helpful
  • Prince William 'Sleeps Rough'
  • Rally Spotlights 'Epidemic of Wage Theft'
  • Toys that Help Kids Learn to Spend Responsibly
  • More Small Hauls

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