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  Life-Net Radio Broadcast Education
Materials for/from RZ's Group
at the Community Education Resources Network, Camden NJ


How to Make a Public Service Announcement (Links)

Voice and Diction (Links)

Journalism (Links)

Sound Effects (Links)

Education (Links)


  Acoustics and Other Science

Frequencies of Musical Notes
This table created using A4 = 440 Hz; Speed of sound = 345 m/s = 1130 ft/s = 770 miles/hr.



National Federation of Community Broadcasters
The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) is a national membership organization of community-oriented, non-commercial radio stations. Large and small, rural and urban, eclectic or targeted toward specific communities, the member stations are distinguished by their commitment to localism and community participation and support.


  Social Media

17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners
Twitter can be actively used as a tool to push out messages that capitalize on the attention youíre receiving from other users. Yes, Iím talking about self-promotion and marketing. This involves active user engagement.

How to Use Twitter Search Operators for More Relevant Results
Twitter Search looks simple. It's a lot like Google. Type in a keyword or two, and search. But did you know there's more than a dozen search operators that help you narrow down on the tweets you're looking for?

How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You
Technology is a great slave but a terrible master, and Twitter can turn the tables on you with surprising subtlety. This post will explain how I use Twitter and the 5 rules I follow to keep it from using me.

Take Advantage of Twitter Search Operators
While Iíve noted the advanced Twitter search operators in the past, but wanted to spend some quality time looking at them in more detail. The standard AND/OR operators are useful, but arenít all that interesting. Below is a look at the standard operators, with a focus on uses for some very interesting operators that let you filter searches based on location, attitude, posts with links, dates and more, along with some limitations and cautions for each one.


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